Center of Hope Staff

Name Position Ext. E-mail
Cindy Sims  Executive Director 201  [email protected]
Brooke Osborn  Associate Director of Operations 202  [email protected]
Marsha Boren Associate Director of Programs 207 [email protected]
Lauren Reese Sexual Assault Victims Advocate 206 [email protected]
Autumn Brown Sexual Assault Victims Advocate 304 [email protected]
Rachel Enriquez Homeless No More Case Manager 215 [email protected]
 Scott Cantrell Maury County Court Advocate 204 [email protected]
 Halie Moon Giles & Lawrence County Court Advocate 303 [email protected]
 Cheri Brewer Lawrence & Wayne County Court Advocate 305 [email protected]
Courtney Potts Apartment Coordinator 214 [email protected]
Linda Cherry Shelter Advocate Columbia 203 [email protected]
Derryl Shimer VOCA Case Manager 302 [email protected]
Hannah Green Child Advocate 205 [email protected]
Michelle Hibbard Shelter Advocate Lawrenceburg 304 [email protected]
Jennifer Davis Intake Advocate 211 [email protected]
Vacant LEP Advocate 212 [email protected]
Hannah Bennington   Therapist 210 [email protected]

General inquiries should be sent to [email protected]

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