• Anyone can be a victim.

    Spread love, not violence.

    Your Mother, Brother, Sister, Friend.
  • Find yourself face to face with abuse?

    The hurt stops here.

    Healthy relationships don't hurt.
  • Help end the cycle by breaking the silence.

    Inspire hope--be a voice.

    Friends don't let friends go unheard.

It's not a private matter. It's a public disgrace.

105,595 cases of domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking were reported in Tennessee last year.

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United Way of Maury County Thru U 2013 Campaign Video
United Way is committed to strengthening families, so they achieve greater self-sufficiency. We want families to develop to their fullest potential, live safe and healthy lives, and contribute positively to society. The United Way of Maury County is a significant supporter of the Center of Hope. As the only agency in Maury County serving victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence, stalking, and human trafficking, COH ensures that those seeking services are provided a holistic healing experience. Through YOU, through the UWMC, through the Center of Hope – we ARE making a difference.
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Feedback from people

Tracy Cook

Interim Director
I have been affiliated with COH for almost 13 years and have held almost every position in the agency at one time or another. I began here as the Child Advocate and am currently the Interim Director. I spent the majority of my time at COH as the Court Advocate and worked in the court system as a support and sometimes voice for a victim who could not speak for themselves due to the trauma they have endured. I accepted the job almost 13 years ago due to several reasons. It was part time, it was in the social service arena and it worked around my family schedule. Very quickly, I realized that it was where I was supposed to be. I support Center of Hope because of the victims we serve. To be able to work with some of the strongest people I ever met and see them overcome the obstacles that are placed before them is life changing. No one should ever have to deal with what domestic and sexual violence victims deal with on a daily basis. Center of Hope is here so they do not have to do it alone. For too long, domestic and sexual violence has been kept quiet. It has always been treated as a private matter and, in fact, is a very public matter. The shame that victims feel should not even exist but society has made it taboo to talk about. This cause is important to me because no one should not have to live in violence. Home should be where we feel safe, not something that we fear. My motivation comes from the victims we serve. Most are in a place where they see no way out. When they walk in our doors there is no light in their eyes, only fear and distrust. And then..... there is the day that you see the light come back on. They look you in the eyes and the light is back. There are smiles in place of frowns or fear. That is what motivates me to keep going. Seeing someone realize that they did it and did it on their own is the best reason ever to "keep on keeping on!" Overall, the best service we offer is support. Support to those that have no support anywhere else. The support that says, “you can do it!" People can do anything they put their mind to as long as they have the support they need.


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